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Busy in the City

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Beautiful Drawing of a box that I did in 2010. Wow.

I’ve been pretty busy here the last few weeks. Here’s a taste of it all:

To show off my skills to employers I developed this little game. It’s not too robust or anything, but it’s actually good for a few plays. Plus, I added a highscore board so there is a level of competition to get involved with.

In order to make my apartment search a little easier, I developed a greasemonkey script to tell me how much each roommate will pay for his share of an apartment. So, if I’m renting a $2500 2 bedroom apartment, that’s $1250 a roommate. Then it sorts it by lowest price first. It’s pretty scrappy, but it makes it easier for me to look for reasonably priced apartments in San Francisco.

I’ve been applying to a ton of jobs and running like a chicken without its head around the city. Phone interviews everyday, a few in-person interviews, and there are plenty more to come. Still no full-time offers yet, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

I’ve been going to a LOT of restaurants around the city. Yelp is my best friend right now. This list of 100 things to try before you die in SF will soon be helping me diversify my tongue portfolio. It’s not ideal for me though, because I want to find out where these restaurants are really quick. I think I’ll do some quick coding tomorrow to plot all of those restaurants on a virtual map.

I’ll be sure to share when I get around to that. :)